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Creativity in these strange times

I don’t have to recap that we’re living in strange times. There’s worry, there’s anxiety, there’s changing of plans.

I believe strongly that creativity is always an important part of life. It is good for your brain, heart and community. So today I want to share some sources you can utilize to infuse these strange times with creativity.

Hand Embroidery

Image from Cozyblue’s Website

If you want an easy access entry into a sewing niche, hand embroidery is great! At the very least you need a needle, thread, and fabric. Hoops make it easier. You can freehand any design or use a pattern. Great for many, many ages, including young kids (maybe starting at 8? You have to trust the child with a needle).

And besides, it keeps you off your phone! Working with your hands is therapeutic. If you need supplies to get started, you can do so under $15 pretty easily, and those would last you through many projects! Check out our selection online.

Cozyblue provides a great intro into hand embroidery for free on her website. She also has some free patterns.

Streaming Classes

Creativebug is an online service that streams classes from all kinds of creative works with great teachers. (I am not at all affiliated with this site, just a happy personal user). It has sewing, quilting, paperwork, hand sewing, painting, sketching, cooking, knit, crochet and even kid classes. You can get a free thirty day trial if you find yourself with extra time on your hands, or with a kid with extra time on their hands.


Your Local Library

I’m most familiar with OKC’s Metropolitan Library System, but the vast majority of public libraries have awesome online resources now. I searched for digital books related to quilting, sewing and embroidery and there are great books available! Read up on a new technique or skill.

Quilting search at the library.

Watch some inspirational documentaries

The great Crafts in America episode on quilting
The quilters of Gee’s Bend are renown and learning abut their history and art is always a joy.
Ken Burns- quilt collector!

I hope you all stay well in body and mind.

With affection-

Ann White, owner Lady Bird Fabrics