Kyoto Steps Pattern


KYOTO STEPS is written for three sizes- Lap 58″ x 67″, Twin 74″ x 89″, and Full/Queen 97″ x 93″. The placement of the rectangles is diagrammed out to make it easy to replicate this spacing of blocks. The quilt is made with 6 half-yard cuts plus background if you are making the Twin, mostly 1/3 yard cuts for the Lap (but get 1/2 yard if your main print is directional like mine is) and a mix of 2/3 and 3/4 cuts for the Full/Queen (also adding background yardage to the Lap and Full/Queen).

If you want to make this in a scrappier way, you can use mixes of Fat Quarters for your pieces. If you are using a Layer Cake, the scaled down size of the Lap will work for those 10″ pieces. This quilt is suitable for more beginning quilters.

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