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Best Stocking Stuffers for Your Sewist

Desktop Needle Threader

This is one of the products in my store that I have the most people raving about. If you struggle with vision or hand issues when threading needles, this will make your life much easier.

Wrist Rulers

Wrist Ruler is a leather wristband with engraved inch and centimeter measurements. If you find yourself always needing to measure things when you’re on the go, this is the perfect product for you.

Embroidery Kit

These embroidery kits are one of the easiest grab and go gifts. Includes everything you need to finish a beautiful embroidery hoop project!

Zipper Pouch

Has anyone ever had enough zipper pouches? Not me! We have several cute designs to choose from.


Flatter makes ironing easier. This starch-free smoothing spray relaxes wrinkles and freshens fabrics. This smooth operator leaves fabric sleek, soft and static-free.

OKcollective Candles

OKC-made candles with dreamy scents- both holiday and every day- are a dream.

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Gifts for Crafty Friends

Do you know someone who unstoppably creative? Who is always looking for something new to learn? Who could use some calm and meditative handwork in this crazy year?

Embroidery Kit

These self-contained projects are so easy to gift and use! The embroidery kits from Cozyblue come with everything you need- pattern printed on fabric, hoop, needle, thread, and instructional booklet. All you need is a pair of scissors!

We have a variety of designs, including holiday, floral and inspirational messages.

Find your favorite design today! These always go fast.

Sashiko Starter Bundle

Sashiko is a style of traditional Japanese stitching. It is regaining popularity world wide thanks to the simple, geometric designs and how easy it is to pick up.

All you need to begin Sashiko is needle, thread, and a cloth with the pattern printed on it. It is great for beginners, because the stitches you make are directly printed on the fabric.

We offer multiple patterns, colors of thread, needles, and even a helpful short handbook for beginning Sashiko.

Give the gift of a new art form!

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Your Complete Holiday Gift Guide

This year, let us help you take something off your to-do list! We’ve compiled a list of different gifts for different people in your life. Order online and have your items shipped or pick up curbside, or come on in!

The Best Gifts for Your Quilter

Have a quilter in your life? Based on my own experience and talking with hundreds of customers, here are some gifts that will be sure to WOW them!

Local Gifts for Okla-homies

Whether you’re an Oklahoma local or have Oklahoma in your heart, these Okla-inspired gifts (some locally made, some Oklahoma themed) are sure to make your gift recipient happy.

DIY Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Are you crafty? Do you love to give a homemade gift? Do you want to make your own space cheerful for the holidays?

There’s something satisfying about making a gift for friends or loved ones. We have items in stock that’ll give you a jump start to make your holidays DIY-tastic!

Best Stocking Stuffers for Sewists

Do you want a little gift for your sewing group members? A thank you for someone who made you a mask?

This is a list of little somethings that will make anyone’s day.

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Local Gifts for Okla-homies

OK Collective Candles

These candles are made by ladies in Oklahoma City, and once I tried them, it ruined me for other candle brands. These soy candles are made with high quality oils and none of the bad stuff.

The You’re Kinda Hot cinnamon scented candle and the Cider N’ Chill apple scented candle were incredibly popular last year. Come into the shop to experience the amazing scents!

Oklahoma Ornaments

These laser cut and engraved wooden ornaments are perfect for an Oklahoman, anyone who has Oklahoma in their heart, or wants to remind a friend that someone in Oklahoma loves them.

With the heart of Oklahoma in a Christmas red and Santa’s reindeer prancing across the state in metallic gold, these ornaments are tied with cream twine with a hint of shimmering gold.

Oklahoma Tote Bag

Who doesn’t need another tote bag?

This fun, illustrated map of Oklahoma highlights some of Oklahoma’s best known landmarks.

Whether alone or filled with fun little presents, this tote is a great way to show Okie pride.

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The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Quilter

Have a quilter in your life? Based on my own experience and talking with hundreds of customers, here are some gifts that will be sure to WOW them!

Wool Pressing Mat

I am not a special fancy tool person when it comes to quilting. I had heard about the wool pressing mats, but I thought, “really? can this make that big a difference?” The answer is a yes from me, and a yes from so many customers.

What makes the difference? The wool in the mat holds heat, which allows the heat to come at the fabric from both sides. The “give” in the wool allows you to press those seams super flat.

I loved my mat so much I bought a second one so I could have one at home and one at the shop without hauling it back and forth daily.

We have a variety of sizes, but my favorite is the 14″ x 19″ because it fits perfectly on top of the standard wooden TV trays.

Creative Grids Cutting Mat

Cutting mats matter. The unsung, necessary and often abused tools of quilters and sewists. I cut a lot, and what I have realized is that a good quality cutting mat can make your life much better.

Creative Grids is a company famous for high quality rulers, and this year they started making cutting mats. These mats are double sided (double the value!) and feature different measurements. One has traditional markings (down to 1/8″ of an inch, and the flip side is based on half inches.

It’s thick and sturdy, and has so many great small improvements like making the numbers more visible while cutting.

It’s one of those items that will make your quilting experience better.

Ergonomic Rotary Cutter

I’ve been quilting professionally in come capacity for the last 4 years, and in my opinion, of all the quilting stages, cutting is the hardest on your body.

My wrist, forearm and shoulder have been strained at various times through excessive cutting and poor posture.

The ergonomic design of this rotary cutter allows you to cut comfortably and safely, it can be used for both right and left hands, and it has a secure safety lock.

We have this in both the 45mm size and 60mm size. 45mm is great for most sewing, and 60mm is great if you use thicker fabrics or cut multiple layers.

All In One Quilter’s Reference Book

You know what they don’t tell you when you start quilting? How much math is involved. This handbook takes so much math out of your quilting.

It contains piecing techniques, yardage requirements, conversions and cutting instructions. It takes the guesswork and advanced math out of your project!

Fabric Bundles

A fabric bundle is a great way to jump start any project! We sell bundles of coordinating fabrics that are perfect to either make a project to add to your stash.

Find one in your loved one’s favorite style today!

Gift Card

This one is easy! A gift card allows them to get exactly what they are looking for. You can buy and send our digital gift cards today!

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DIY Gift Ideas for the Holidays

There’s something satisfying about making a gift for friends or loved ones. We have items in stock that’ll give you a jump start to make your holidays DIY-tastic!


A holiday apron is a festive gift for the holidays. Maybe it’s for the host with the most, the cook of the family, or a great kitchen helper.

This pattern is super simple. One yard of fabric for interior and exterior (did I mention it’s reversible?).

The first time I made this apron, it took me less than one hour to do the whole thing. And once you get in the groove, you can make them very quickly!

Christmas Stockings

It’s such a gift to have a hand-made stocking from a loved one, or make one for yourself!

These Quilt as You Go stockings make some of the guesswork out of a stocking. This piece of batting has pre-printed stitch lines and detailed instructions to let you make a quilted stocking in a few simple steps!

Create an heirloom this year!

Christmas Tree Skirt

By following the instructions printed on the batting and using the provided fabric template, you can use your favorite fabrics to make the perfect tree skirt for you or your loved one.

Similar to the stocking, a home-made tree skirt, customized to your favorite decor, can really top off a holiday look!

Shirlene made a colorful stripes version that reminded her of colorful candy canes!

Stitched Ornaments

It’s such a joy to look at your tree and have each ornament bring back sweet memories. Give that to someone this holiday!

We have two ornaments depending on your level of comfort.

The Stitch It Yourself Cross Stitch ornament pack includes 3 laser cut wood pieces with holes already drilled to make it easy to create the motifs.

CozyBlue’s Holiday Ornament set is great for those who love embroidery! The set comes with everything you need to make three unique ornaments, including hoops, needle, thread and fabric with the patterns printed on it.