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Sashiko- Learn Something New!

Traditional Sashiko Pattern

Irasshaimase! This is a traditional Japanese greeting when you enter a shop. Did you know I lived in Japan for a year teaching English in the junior high schools? It was an amazing experience!

Sadly I was not into fiber arts when I lived there- I could kick myself! The beautiful quilting and stitching I missed out on!

However, you don’t have to keep missing out. Sashiko- Japanese traditional stitching– is making a comeback with modern sewists.

Classic designs, such as geometric shapes, floral curves, clouds, and animals are all seen in sashiko work. And while it’s been classically done in indigo and white, now many colors are used.

Sashiko also has a low barrier to entry- if you’re brand new to hand sewing, this is a great introduction. Many projects include the designs printed directly onto the fabric, you just have to stitch over it. Then the pattern washes out when you’re finished.

Turn your pieces into wall art, bags, panels in quilts, or even stitch your own clothing- that is in fact where sashiko began, as mending! Get inspiration from the thousands of people who have posted sashiko projects on instagram.

Are you interested? It’s easy to start!

We have all the things you’d need to start your sashiko project, including thread, needles, snippers, and pre-printed fabrics for stitching on. We even have a handy pocket guide to Sashiko by Sylvia Pippen to give you tips and new skills.

Combine your favorite pattern, thread, grab some needles and you’re good to go! Or, wouldn’t this make a great gift for your crafty friends? Working with your hands is so therapeutic, and sashiko also travels well in the car or on an airplane.