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Face Mask Resources

Who knew last week that this week we’d all learn so much about making face masks?

I’m not an expert– I’m trying to be a resource and good steward of my community and online voice, so I cannot answer questions about which mask is best, what we should be doing, etc.

I have a friend/customer who has a point of contact with Children’s Hospital who wants masks to use for their waiting rooms and non emergency patients. That’s where at least some of our masks are going.

A lot of people have asked what the best mask to make is, and honestly I don’t know. I think that different places and people will be able to use the different styles. Some are more obviously geared towards medical personnel to go over the N95 masks or to have a filter system with in it. The more basic ones will be useful for people who may not be at that level of need but want some protection.

So my thought is, make what you can, do what you can, we will get the styles of masks people are requesting to those who need and want them.

Here are three tutorials I’ve seen a lot for making masks. There are a LOT MORE to choose from, so use your own judgment based on your supplies or your desire.

Button Counter Face Mask- basic mask, uses elastic

Orange Dot Quilts Simple Face Mask– I think this also uses elastic

A.B. Mask – for a Nurse by a Nurse – uses fabric ties, meant to go over N95 masks

Again, please feel free to do your own research. Goodness knows we’re all learning new things day by day.

Thank you for being willing to help.

Ann White, owner Lady Bird Fabrics